About Us

Let me introduce myself. I'm Joe Troyer. I was born in Plain City, Ohio into a family made of hard work and simple living. I have 4 kids who have been my motivation before, during, and after the death of my wife in 2011. Each of my kids represents a "face" of the diamond in my brand. I have a passion for quality of life, living at a slower pace, and preserving heritage, all while honoring my Creator. My family and I love adventure and sharing adventures with our friends and the folks we come in contact with. 

We like to live by the quote, "You're either living or you're dying." I enjoy a good, rank cup of cowboy coffee best, but I have also learned to enjoy certain boujee lattes. While I enjoy a modern vehicle to get around in, I much prefer hitching up a nice, big crossbred to an older buckboard and going to town. I love a good western film, but watching the sunrise from horseback is my preference. Life is about balance, and finding it is the secret.

When it comes to horses, I take a liking to a "plain" bay that can get the job done willingly, over a fancy roan or a horse of "color" that wants to argue with you all day long. Speaking of opinions on horses, while I understand the reasoning behind all the Futurities, I would rather watch a colt mature a bit more before they can are pushed hard physically and/or mentally. I believe content horses have been taught contentment with structured discipline and by kindly showing how to make the right thing easy, and the wrong thing difficult. 

Not only is cowboy etiquette important to me, I believe that stockmanship holds an important role in that also. I feel passionate about keeping western traditions alive and strive to perform them properly. I invite you to come out to the Diamond J as we seek adventure, all while embracing the simple life with a more traditional lifestyle.